Well done, M. Chirac

You have to admire Jacques Chirac. France has just voted no to the Constitution, so what are we going to talk about at the meeting of the worthies of Europe? The British rebate. I doubt that anything is going to change, as there isn't the external pressure to actually force movement on the rebate and its partner problem, the CAP and specifically subsidies to French farmers.

It is a shame that more isn't being said by Make Poverty History about the dumping of vast amounts of produce at very low prices because of subsidies. It does seem that there is only movement in Europe when there is an outside force that makes people willing to lose out on something like CAP.

In any case, instead of talking about the embarassment of the French referendum, Chirac has the opportunity to attack the evil Anglo-Saxons, defend the CAP and not talk about the Constitution.



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