Death of Pinochet 3/3

In response to Iain Dale.
Not sure I have an awful lot more to say. Brutal Dictator. Supported us during the Falklands War. UK House arrest was a disgrace. Not shedding a tear. End of story.
Oh, he supported us in the Falklands War? That's OK, then. After all, he was our military dictator. Galtieri wasn't, so his crimes are terrible while Pinochet's should not have been prosecuted in the UK.

I don't know where I stand on the Falklands, not having studied it at any length. Generally, military dictatorships invading outposts of democratic countries is bad. Stalin's intervention in World War Two was good, but it didn't justify the various Stalinist purges. Had Stalin ended up in Britain, would it have been right to let him go because he'd been useful in the past? After all, we removed Saddam despite the fact he was very useful against Iran.

I recommend Ariel Dorfman's play, Death and Maiden.



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