Jocelyn Hurndall - Defy the Stars

Tom Hurndall's mother, Jocelyn, has written a book, Defy the Stars, about Tom's death and the difficulties she had in dealing with the IDF, the Israeli government and the UK government. It can be purchased from Amazon and there is a write-up in The Guardian.

I covered the Tom Hurndall story, with all its twists and turns, for the LSE SU's newspaper, the Beaver, while I was at LSE and met Jocelyn. A video was shown about Tom's murder; the events were sufficiently close in memory that they left the room for it. Tom was trying to find out about extrajudicial killings in Palestine after the death of Rachael Corrie and end up becoming the victim of such a killing.

From the Guardian article:
Her book is called Defy the Stars, words Tom had tattooed on his wrist. They come from Romeo's cry "Then I defy you, stars!" in Romeo and Juliet, and seemed to say a lot about his attitude to life.


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