Quitting smoking

I haven't had a cigarette since Friday evening. I was using gum over the weekend and I put a nicotine patch on this morning. OK, you probably don't want to know the details, but it's 'so far, so good. I was a bit irritable over the weekend - a bit, not hugely - and the gum helped when it was particularly bad. The patch is working well today - it was a bit weird to put on, but I haven't wanted a cigarette yet today (I would usually have had four by now). Given that I usually smoked a packet of Marlboro Reds a day, that's pretty good going.

The NHS's Go Smoke Free website lists how your body improves over time without smoking. At 72 hours is Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase. That certainly seems right. The best comparison I can of is if you put your head under the duvet, breathing becomes harder and the air tastes stuffy. When you put your head above the covers, the air tastes 'clean' - it's rather like that. Let's hope it continues - it's the pub quiz tonight, when I usually smoke quite a lot. I went for a meal last night and didn't smoke (although the nicotine gum did come in very handy) and I will be very pleased if I can spend the evening in the pub without having a cigarette.



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