Oh, Iain... Iain...

Iain Dale has become an expert on the fairer sex. It would seem, sadly, that Iain Dale's idea of not being sexist is, er, stereotyping women. Quoth the raven:
In this increasingly presidential age, his softer approach will be judged against the aggression of Gordon Brown. Women do not like great clunking fists. They don't like the confrontational approach adopted by Brown. A small minority find his smouldering personality quite attractive, but for the most part they are turned off.
Is that a fact? Women do not like clunking fists. Gordon, no women will vote for you. All women are going to be voting for that nice Mr Cameron. Indeed, Iain Dale continues:
Few non-political women judge a male politician purely by what he says. They judge him on the way he looks, sounds and appears on television.
Because there is not a man in the world who judges without reference to how they perceive another person rather than on the basis of their arguments. Iain Dale's argument is, frankly, idiotic. It may well be that there are issues that are of particular interest to women as opposed to men. However, the argument that this will definitely affect the vote relies on the assumptions that men like Iain Dale know what those issues are; that all women will go and vote on the basis of those issues; that those are the principle issues that are of concern to women; that women will all vote the same way on those issues; and that women, like any other group, will be happy to be patronised in a broadsheet by Mr I Dale of 18, Doughty Street, WC1.


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