SSAFA Petition

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, SSAFA,
wishes to buy a residential property in Ashtead, Surrey in order to provide ‘home from home’ accommodation for the immediate family members (spouses, parents and children) of servicemen and women receiving treatment for serious injuries sustained during military operations.

We wish to provide this facility in direct support of the Defence Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court (run by the MOD). The team at Headley Court provides outstanding rehabilitation treatment but, regrettably, current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in an increase to the numbers of severely injured soldiers needing help. It is vital that both they and their families are fully supported during this difficult time.

Our intention is to use a six bedroom family house. We will not extend it in any way but will undertake minor alterations to facilitate disabled access. An application has been made to Mole Valley Council because of the change of use. We need to buy a property for the purpose rather than undertake a new build because there is an immediate need for this facility. A new build is likely to take two or three years to complete.

SSAFA Forces Help has more than 50 years of professional experience managing and running homes that support the families of our Armed Forces and our veterans, young and old. We hope that this application will be successful in order that we can support the families of badly injured young servicemen and women.

[from the SSAFA website]

The objections that have been raised by the local residents beggar belief. They can be found, with responses, here.

Please visit the SSAFA site, the 36 Grays Lane site and sign the petition at the Number Ten website.




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