What price marriage?

The Conservatives have come up with the idea that families are good and better if they're married. In their attempt to promote marriage, they have suggested a £20 a week tax break, effectively putting a price on what should be a contract you enter into for love and not financial reward or other convenience.

Aside from putting a value of £1040 a year on marriage, which according to the Church of England's form for the solemnization of matrimony, "no one should enter into ... lightly or selfishly", there is at least one large, logical flaw. If you accept the (frankly preposterous) idea that £20 a week will secure a relationship, you have to ask why that extra help is going to the people that the Conservatives think are already in a more stable relationship than to those who are in a less stable relationship.

I would add that the Conservatives can't really complain about social engineering anymore...


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