Episcopal idiocy

His Grace the Archbishop of Maputo, Francisco Chimoio, has said that some condoms imported from Europe are impregnated (no pun intended) with HIV while some ARVs are similarly infected to "finish off" the Africans. No evidence is forthcoming about this, so I would suggest that His Grace is ignorant, wilfully or otherwise, or a liar.

I often wonder why the Word of God needs to be helped along with deception and obfuscation. I have stood up before to say that, while I don't agree with it, there is a valid argument against abortion from a religious point of view1; I would say the same about the use of condoms. Quite why the Roman Catholic church - or some senior representatives of it - feel the need to lie in this manner is beyond me.


1 - in a general meeting of the LSE Students' Union, I unsuccessfully proposed an amendment to a motion on abortion saying that people could have valid, religious objections to abortion.

PS Yes, I know the title should have been Archiepiscopal idiocy.

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