We can't turn them away

I was delighted to receive a response from my MP, Mark Field, that was supportive of the Iraqi interpreters.

The body reads:
Thank you so much for your letter of [date] regarding the asylum applications of Iraqi interpreters who have worked for the British Army.I appreciate and understand your worry about the future of the interpreters, particularly as we have not yet received a firm commitment from the government on the issue. You may be interested to know that I have already been contacted about this matter by a number of other constituents, including a Major in the Army who was concerned about the future of his own interpreter.

I wrote to the Home Secretary some weeks ago to request information on the stance the government will be taking on the interpreters' applications and to ask for my concern to be registered. Unfortunately I have not yet received a reply from her, but I anticipate her responding within the thirty day time bracket we have to allow for ministerial correspondence.
There will be a cross-party meeting, organised by the online campaign for Asylum rights for Iraqi employees. It will take place in Parliament in Committee Room 14 (St Stephen’s Entrance) from 7-9pm on Tuesday 9th October. Please arrive early to avoid hideous disappointment, etc.

In the meantime, you can find background information here courtesy of Dan Hardie, replies from MPs here from Chicken Yoghurt and a list of supporting bloggers on Bloggerheads.




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