What the hell is Karzai doing?

Answers on a post-card, please. Why is Karzai now turning around and having a go at the Americans when we knew full well that Abu Ghraibesque 'interrogation techniques', also known as torture, were being used in Afghanistan. One of the members of the Northern Alliance (remember them?) who has done particularly well out of the new regime is one General Dostum. Everyone has a shady past, but in his case it's that he ran a sex slave market.

So why now? We've known for some time that Abu Ghraib extended beyond Abu Ghraib. It is suspiscous, IMHO, that Karzai made a big fuss about it only after it had been leaked, and leaked at that from a US Army investigation. No mention of it until he had no choice to mention it and, helpfully, the US are already investigating it.

So what is Karzai doing?

1. This was a genuine leak and he didn't know what was going on, which suggests to me that he is unfit to run the country. I accept that if he had known, he might not realistically have been able to do anything about it and so didn't say anything.

2. This was a genuine leak and he did know what was going on, but hadn't wanted to pubicly say anything for fear of annoying the US and/or destabilising Afghanistan still further.

3. This was a staged leak and so a brilliant piece of PR. Shame there's no evidence for it, as it'd make a great story. It may be coming out now so that the bad news can be buried along with the Sun's pictures of Saddam in his underwear.



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