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So, after a long hiatus, unoriginalname38 is back. I'm not sure that anyone even looks at this site any more, but we shall see.

Since my last post, I've been to America and stayed with my friends Serenity and Jenn in Charlottesville, VA, and then went to meet up with my father in DC. Unfortunately, my father couldn't make it as my grandmother was and is ill, so I was by my lonesome in DC. Although I met up with a couple of friends, I thought it highly ironic that I'd rather have stayed on my friends' sofa in Charlottesville than have had to be on my own in an (admittedly rather nice) hotel room. Still, I had a good time and when I get round to processing my films I'll put some more pictures on Flickr.

I have two weeks left at my internship, a fact that gladdens my heart. The internship is less than fantastic. It involves quite a few variations of data entry, most of which involve doing ring-rounds on the telephone which is less than interesting. It was better until I took time off as I was doing the monitoring for someone who was on leave and it gave an amount of structure to the day.

Still, I am, after a fashion, quite pleased with myself. To begin with, I found it very hard going and was almost in tears after my first days at work. Nevertheless, I kept going and I'm nearly at the end. I am less than enamoured with the world of work, but retain a hope that it would be better elsewhere. I'm sure that this sounds like the poor, little, rich boy bemoaning having to get a job, but it was difficult for me.

After the two weeks are up, I'm back at the LSE for my fifth and (hopefully) final year. I need to go down to the library and start doing some photocopying.

Well, that's me over the last couple of months. How's everyone else?


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