Conference Arrangements Committee

Watching the CAC report from Labour Party Conference, and the responses to it, is almost as much fun as the UGM at LSE.

I quite understand why people aren't interested in the endless joy of constitutions/codes of practice/standing orders. It is, though, important; if I understand what's happened correctly (and it was an acquaintance of mine, Ben Folley from Islington North CLP, that was speaking against the CAC's decision) then there won't be a proper debate on Trident at Conference. It's odd, because I think most people in Labour would support replacing Trident, but it appears there won't be an opportunity for the sovereign body of the party to make a decision about a lifetime issue that will be resolved in Parliament in the next twelvemonth.

Having said that, could someone explain why Hazel Blears is appearing on a video singing the praises of Tesco at Conference?



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