Snake bites Prescott; Reid not arrested

The fearsome-sounding committee (hang on; fearsome-sounding committee? Did I just type that?) that looks after us when there is a civil contingencies emergency, COBRA, has been in the news recently.

I’d say most people think it’s called COBRA because some PR-guru thought it sounded suitably atavistic and fierce, although it’s actually an acronym for Cabinet Office Briefing Room ‘A’.

There’s been a lot of flak thrown at Prescott in particular for not chairing the meetings of COBRA. The scribes of Fleet Street seem to either not know, have forgotten or simply ignored the fact that it’s always the Home Secretary who chairs COBRA; the PM can if he wants, but it is by default the Home Secretary.

Give Prezza a break… people seem to be unsure as to what he does do, but we do know that he doesn’t do this.

The positioning of people for the leadership and deputy leadership continues, and it is doing damage to both the Labour party and, I think in a small way but adding to similar effects, democracy in the UK. I have no evidence to say that Reid or the people around him had anything to do with the comments on Prescott's non-chairing of COBRA, but I immediately think in those terms. In fairness, Reid has form for attacking and briefing against anyone he doesn't agree with.



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