The Child of Madonna

I'm not going to criticise Madonna's motives for adopting a young Malawian. I actually think her motives are entirely altruistic, although I think she opens herself to the charge of orientalism.

However, it's worth noting that the GDP of Malawi is US$2,016,000,000, according to the BBC. Estimates of Madonna's wealth range from US$365,000,000 to US$700,000,000, or between one-sixth and one-third of Malawi's GDP. Not one-third of one per cent - fully one third, or 33%.

If Madonna really wants to help, there are better ways. Half of Malawians live below the poverty line. There are 900,000 Malawians with AIDS. Even on the lowest assessment of her wealth, Madonna could wipe out Malawi's current account deficit and have US$30m left. Riding in on a white charger or, indeed, Gulfstream, is a drop in the ocean.



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