Pub Quiz Triumph

Every Monday during the university term at ULU, I play for a team called the Kim Jong-il Appreciation Society in the pub quiz league. Said team has won the league for this term, the prizes being cocktails top trumps, playing cards, a keyring, a hangover eyemask and a hipflask, all branded with Jack Daniel's (except the keyring, which is Smirnoff). Best of all, though, was a case of beer for each of the six people in the team.

Amusingly, the Jack Daniel's Cocktails Top Trumps has, on the back, a warning that it is not suitable for children under three. Give that four-year-old a Manhattan.

Just for the record, the final points were:

28 - We Are Scientists
33 - Five Geographers but one of them's Lost
49 - Lego Fan Club
59 - Team Titwank
68 - The Winning Team
72 - The Left Bollock Collection Fund
83 - Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap
85 - The Hollow Brains
89 - The Kim Jong-il Appreciation Society



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