Section 28, Polish style

It took fifteen years to repeal the homophobic Section 28. Homophobic is precisely the right word as it was founded on a fear of homosexuality and the belief that homosexuality is inherently dangerous to children.

The Polish deputy education minister, Miroslaw Orzechowski, has announced plans to bring forward legislation that will punish anyone promoting homosexuality in schools. The lead education minister is
Roman Gietrych of the League of Polish Families; the BBC reports that teachers have been protesting his intolerant policies.

Human Rights Watch published an open letter to PM Kaczynski that is worth reading.

If a European Constitution is revived, I hope that it would include a clause that would prevent these laws. There is no justification for them that ultimately does not come down to 'we don't like homosexuals'. Gah. I'm pissed off.



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