Tempus fugit

I went past the LSE last Thursday. Nothing particularly special, except that it was election night in the Students' Union. It was the first SU election since 2001 for which I did not attend the count. It was very strange going past - I would have liked to have attended, but I couldn't. Beyond that, I'm not sure I wanted to. We must move on and, even though we may try, we can't recapture the past. When a little more time has passed, I will go back to help with the count, but when there are less people around who remember me.

My congratulations to all those who won their elections and commiserations to those who lost, particularly those who lost Sabb races. They are physically and mentally draining, but the emotional exhaustion when you lose is unpleasant. When I narrowly lost Education & Welfare in my last year, I was in tears. You do look back, though, and remember the good things about it.



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