My last post on Guido Fawkes, Paul Staines and Iain Dale

My apologies to anyone who really couldn't care less, but I want to set this down. This is a small blog, so this will be of little note to anyone, but I am removing my links to Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines and to Iain Dale.

Paul Staines is dishonest. He has also allowed or encouraged a group of sock puppets to develop around him that are really very offensive to people who question 'Guido'. It is this sort of activity that leads to calls for standards in the blogosphere. Staines seems to like to think of himself as some sort of anarcho-capitalist type. He must be the first anarchist with no sense of personal responsibility. You probably know all the objections - if not, take a look at Tim Ireland's website. I've not been quite as sure about Iain Dale until the deep linking thing. I've emailed Iain to ask what's happening. What confirmed it my mind was that Dale and Staines seem to have the same webmaster. If you go to Iain's profile, you will see that one of the team members for Iain Dale's Diary is Jag Singh. Clicking on Jag Singh's profile will show that he is a team member for Guido Fawkes.

I'm going to do a general post about blogging which will mention Messrs. Staines and Dale. I'll keep reading Iain's blog - it is often rather fun and quite informative - but he's been intellectually dishonest by stopping deep links to his blog. I'm not, though, going to bother with any more posts about what they're up to. Iain Dale's Dairy and Guido Fawkes 2.0 do it better than I do.

Update: Iain has been in touch to give his side of the story. Watch this space!



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