Strangers into Citizens

The Sun attacks giving some migrants more rights and the possibility of staying in the UK in light of the Strangers into Citizens protest. It reads
But critics said the move would ANGER low paid workers, place more STRAIN on Britain’s dwindling housing stock and ENCOURAGE foreigners to come to the UK
which doesn't make sense.

Presumably, it would anger low paid workers because they would be undercut. If, however, they were regularised, they would have to receive the minimum wage, thus reducing their ability to undercut domestic workers. With regard to placing strain, they would have to pay taxes. This would allow, if a fourth option on council housing were available, this strain to be avoided. Equally, immigration is hardly the straw that breaks the camel's back: today's Guardian reports that 72% of new households to 2026 will have one person. This is the more significant demographic change; there are, according to the Home Office, a maximum total of 570,000 non-registered immigrants in the UK.

As to encouraging foreigners: why is this a bad thing? After all, Mr Murdoch is a foreigner.



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