A challenge for you, Guido

Guido Fawkes has been blogging lately at some length about Boris Johnson standing to be the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

The Conservatives' website has a news story that reads
Boris Johnson, the Henley MP and former Shadow higher Education Minister, was the last to put his hat in the ring before Monday's noon deadline for applications. Other contenders who have publicly launched their campaigns include Winston Mckenzie, Simon Fawthrop, Victoria Borwick, Warwick Lightfoot, Andrew Boff, Lurline Champagnie, and Lee Rotherham.

They will now compete with more than 40 others seeking the chance to run against Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone who is pitching for a third term in the contest next spring.
My question to Mr Fawkes is:

What are the names of the 'more than forty others' who have entered the race?

In the meantime, and for everyone else:

What effect will a period of Tory vs Tory in an election have on the Tories?
Will they come out of it as well as Labour did in their deputy leadership?
What effects will an open primary have?
Will party members (other than Tories) vote to screw up the open primary?
Is this an attempt to prop up a decreasing membership as card-carriers are now too removed from reality to be trusted?
Is this idea based on Labour's Supporters' Networks?


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