Computer nightmares

Someone forwarded me a list of the twenty-five worst tech products of all time from the US magazine, PC World. AOL, RealPlayer and Windows ME are all there. They publish various other (quite amusing) lists. OK, it's pretty geeky, but they raised a smile.

Top Ten...

...Worst Web Sites1
...Most Annoying Windows Features

...Worst Viruses
...Most Annoying Tech Products
...Worst PCs of All Time

and, of course, the Top Twenty-Five Worst Tech Products of All Time.

Unfortunately, I owned (before a geeky awakening) a Packard Bell PC or two. Packard Bell are damned as a whole in the number one slot for Worst PCs. In fairness, I never had any problem with the Windows 95 version I had. The WinME version was a different story...

If anyone, though, knows where you can buy old Packard Bell cases, let me know. They had some interesting designs to them and I wouldn't mind using one for an up-to-date computer.


1 - amusingly, as MicroSoft has two entries, this one also appears on the MSN website



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