Photos in Trafalgar Square

So, I finally dragged myself out of the pit where I live to take some photos.

I wasn't feeling terrifically up to a long trek, so I went up to Trafalgar Square, armed with camera, film and tripod intending to take some pictures of the fountains. OK, probably doesn't sound terrifically interesting but I wanted to mess around with longer exposure settings and try for an interesting effect with the water.

Anyway, while I was setting up, some kids - I say kids... they were around 16, I should think - were messing around and jumping in the fountain and so on... just having a laugh. Randomly, they asked me to take some pictures of them. Not with any camera they might have had, you see, but with my camera. Anyway, I took some quick snaps of them and I'm going to stick them in the post to them. I suppose it'll give them a laugh.

There were some people dancing capoeira at the top of the Square in front of the National Gallery... I'm vaguely hopeful some of those might have come out well.

Anyway, over and out.



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