Diversity YES Intolerance NO

The Party of European Socialists is running an online declaration that anyone can sign as part of its Diversity YES Intolerance NO campaign.

From the declaration:
We are appalled by the rise of the far right across Europe
– and the racism, homophobia and hatred that spread with it! There is a real
risk that the lunatic fringe will enter the political mainstream - unless we act
decisively. But we are not frightened to stand up for diversity and tolerance.
We will defend our values, and we invite you to join us in saying YES to
diversity and NO to intolerance.

Let us make our voice heard - right across

Diversity YES - Intolerance NO

Our different peoples are what make Europe such a special
place. The PES strongly believes that Europe’s success is built on respect for
our diversity.

The PES is convinced that the peaceful cooperation that is
symbolized by the European Union has no future if intolerance and hatred are
allowed to grow in our midst.

We call on all democratic parties - and their European
political families - to reject all forms of intolerance and hatred. Everyone has
the right to live in dignity and to be treated with full respect regardless of
their nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, sexual orientation or

We call on all democratic parties - and their European
political families - to refrain from any alliance or cooperation with any
political party that promotes intolerance.

We urge all democratic parties to ensure that their social
and economic policies do not generate the social insecurities and tensions that
flame the fires of intolerance and hatred.

You can sign at the PES website.



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