Bob Piper to stop blogging

After the furore over the blacked-up David Cameron picture, Bob Piper is stopping blogging. As Guido puts it, he's not racist but he was badly wrong on this one. It would appear that the barrage of criticism, some beyond the pale, that he and, it would appear, his family have received have led him to step away from the blog, at least for a little while. There is a mistake in making the distinction between online and offline life. The messages that can come through over email can be just as hurtful and threatening as ones through the post or over the telephone. Equally, the ramifications extend beyond the online world; it's easy to think that a blog is hardly read or only read by a self-contained group when the readership is much wider and essentially random.

Similar sentiments from Iain Dale - he links to Dizzy Thinks; I've tried to leave forums and ended up coming back to them.

Hope Bob'll be back soon.


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