Gay adoption

At the moment, various Christian denominations, principally the Roman Catholic Church but also the Church of England in the form of Archbishops Williams and Sentamu, are saying that Catholic adoption agencies should be allowed to discriminate against homosexual couples.

Let us substitute the word 'black' for the word 'homosexual'. The argument is the same, but it seems acceptable here to discriminate against homosexuals.

In essence, the Catholic Church is not only saying that a homosexual relationship is theologically worse than a heterosexual relationship, but that gays are so depraved that it is better for children to be kept in care than to live in a stable, financially secure, loving household where both adoptive parents happen to be of the same sex.

I was initially dubious about putting this, but on reflection I will; the Catholic Church, or senior and significant parts thereof, systematically covered up the repeated abuse of children in the care of members of the Catholic Church. While this was not as frequent as is made out by the media, and the vast majority of Catholics, laity and clergy, would condemn it, it weakens the authority of the Roman Catholic Church to comment on these matters.



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