I'm not the only one

There is a tendency among the right of the Labour Party to decry any attack on the current leadership of the party as ultra-left nonsense and that we should shut up because we're just damaging the party.

Certainly, there are occasions when this is true. There is a tendency amongst ministers to rediscover their leftist principles when they've been given the sack. However, this is a time when I can say that the current policies of the administration are wrong without fear of such attacks.

As has been widely noted, the potential deputy leadership candidate Hazel Blears joined in protests about closing the maternity unit of a hospital in her Salford constituency. She is joined by a further ten ministers including two of Pat Hewitt's juniors at the DoH. I do wonder whether perhaps this policy, which may well have merit, has gone off at half-cock and the result is inappropriate closures.

Reported in The Guardian.



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