A good reason to vote Labour

All too often, we here doom and gloom about the Labour Party. Certainly, I'm not enamoured of a lot of things about it. However, there are times when you remember exactly why you vote Labour.

Alistair Darling has announced tougher minimum wage enforcement, the FT reports. Not only will employers who fail to pay the minimum wage continue to be forced to pay it and any arrears, there will be larger penalties that will be used more often.

The article says that while around 25,000 people weren't receiving back pay, over 15,000 were down to 5 cases. Targetting these serial offenders will improve the situation straight off and allow focussing on the smaller cases that slip through the net. All the while, it prevents us - and this is a straight political attack I am happy to make - from going back to the days under the Tories when it was perfectly acceptable for people to have to work for a pound an hour.



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