New Year's Resolutions

I've decided to make some New Year's Resolutions for my blog.

  1. To post more frequently – say five times a week on average

  2. To give it more structure to the blog, to post questions I'd like to hear at PMQs and to post a brief review of PMQs looking at the interplay between Tony Blair and David Cameron and whoever their successors may be, the role of the Lib Dems, particularly good questions and questions that are, quite frankly, a waste of time in their subservience to the wishes of the whips.

  3. To look at some of the things are going in Parliament to the unreported because they are not immediately saleable by the media to the public, but which are, nonetheless, of significance.

  4. To try and promote the blog a bit more so the more people come on to the block. I think I do have some interesting things to say about like to know if other people agree and whether my ideas are of any merit.

There are some other things I want to write about as well, which will perhaps be in slightly longer posts. There's an awful lot going on in the British constitution at the moment, including devolution, Scottish independence, the reform of the Lords and the Supreme Court. I want to write, at some point, where I think things should go and what the problems we've had today. I also have something of a pet theory that too much legislation is being passed with insufficient scrutiny and and do something on that.

Anyway, we will see if that all comes to pass. The first of the more interesting posts will be a bumper chart of the Blair government (once I finish it). And, hopefully, at some point charts of some of the other ministerships.

I'm going to put something up now about Bob Darke.



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