Exclusive: Tina quits Corrie

I hate the tabloids. I hate them for many reasons, but calling everything an exclusive when it patently isn't annoys me. I hate the events of soaps being front page news. Today's Sun and Daily Mirror both have front pages on someone leaving Coronation Street. They both claim to have exclusives on the story. Do people who read The Sun and The Daily Mirror not notice the papers, next to each other in the shop, both running exclusives on the same non-story and doubt, even a little, their journalistic credentials? They're both even running their 'exclusives' on page 9. Can I sue under trades descriptions?
Dear Editor,
I bought
The Sun expecting an inclusive story but was disgusted to see that the down-market rag, The Daily Mirror, was running the same story.
Yours, disgusted of Yeovil.


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