How did we get 19 points? Well, 12 from Malta and seven from Ireland. I appreciate the fraternal greetings, but Scooch were shite. Utter rubbish. Sorry to Scooch, but sexual innuendo doesn't translate and the entire gimmick was you were a bit like flight attendants. Britain never stood a chance. Having said that, the Irish entry was pretty dismal. Given that just about everyone else had gone for more serious, sometimes darker songs, Flying the Flag looked out of place.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in Eurovision - there were a few songs that I would voluntarily have listened to and downloaded and not nearly enough good rubbish. There was bad rubbish (sorry, Scooch, but you were) but there was the utter joy of the Ukranian entry, Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

The winner was pretty good, although I actually voted for Finland. I had heard the song on Scuzz (a television station with some of today's popular beat combos, advertising itself as 'Rock Metal Punk TV'. I was flicking through) and liked it then - I didn't realise it was an entry for Eurovision.

Looking forward to Eurovision 2008 Beograd.




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