Tony Blair's last ride

We heard a final justification from Tony Blair, with George W Bush in the Rose Garden of the White House, for the Iraq War.
"I've taken a view that Britain should stand shoulder to shoulder with America after September the 11th. I have never deviated from that view, I do not regret that view,"
This seems a lot like the Politician’s Syllogism from Yes, Minister:
  1. Something must be done
  2. This is something
  3. Therefore we must do it
Whenever Tony Blair is asked on the Iraq war, he asks whether we would rather still have Saddam Hussein, implicitly accusing us of approving of Saddam’s regime. Sometimes, we have to wait for better circumstances; sometimes, the right action is no action (or no further action). It is perfectly acceptable to say that Saddam was bad, but what has happened is worse and that there was no obligation or right on our part to intervene as we did at the time that we did.



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