Dave's new computer - with Ubuntu

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. Being somewhat geeky, I've been wanting to build my own computer for a little while now and I finally have. In fairness, I did use a barebones kit, which makes it easier. I'll spare everyone the gory details, but it's really not particularly hard - especially with a Haynes manual to hand.

I've also gone open source and installed Ubuntu as my operating system instead of any flavour of Windows, least of all Vista. That was pretty easy to install - the only teething problem has been making Ubuntu work with a widescreen monitor, but that's been fixed. It's also completely free and cost me not a penny. Well, about 80p for the CD I used.

The change is pretty straightforward. The main programmes I used on my other, Windows machine were OpenOffice and Mozilla. These come as standard with Ubuntu, so no change there. The graphics programme I used is the GIMP - again, comes already with Ubuntu. So far, so good.




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