Join Dave C for a day at the races

'Dave' Cameron is at pains to distance himself from his Eton, Bullingdon Club and generally upper-class past. Fair enough - politicians shouldn't be burdened by their past lives. Unfortunately, West Midlands Conservatives have found a wonderfully inclusive way of raising funds. They're going to the races for a day.

[t]he Party Leader, David Cameron MP will be attending along with other members of the Shadow Cabinet as well as senior MPs and MEPs from around the country
at Uttoxeter Racecourse. That racecourse does have certain dress requirements:
Please note our dress guidelines; for all enclosures we recommend smart casual clothing.
And in the Premier Enclosure (for which the West Mids Tories have "negotiated a significant discount on Premier badges purchased in advance by Party members, or supporters", such awful clothes as "football or rugby shirts, ripped jeans or shorts will not be permitted".

I seem to remember Michael White mentioning that one G. Fawkes, Esq, (aka Paul Staines) has a tendency to wear rugby shirts when all about him are in suit and tie. Perhaps that'll stop Fawkes doing his Tory Totty routine.

Just so that no-one can accuse me of hypocrisy, I am also a Dave C and went to a public school.


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