Just briefly, some of my favourite OpenSource and similar links. All free...

Pretty much exactly the same as MS Office, but with added functionality. The extra features are varied, but the most useful is the ability to make PDFs. Not just read, but make.
Quite a few people know about Mozilla, the alternative to MS IE. The latest version is Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet and Mozilla Thunderbird to read email. Firefox, in my experience, is more stable and certainly 'truer' to W3C standards, as well as allowing tabbed browsing so you can have more than one page open in the same window and flick through them, saving a lot of space on the taskbar. If you already have Firefox or Mozilla, put about:mozilla into the address bar. and its various associated sites...
Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, books of quotations... a wiki is a website that allows users to add content, as on a forum or board, but also allows anyone to edit the content. Sound crazy? It works; have a look at some topics and the discussion that go with them.
Lots of free books, including many of the classics
Of course...



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