The Pavements of Sutton

I meant to post this letter a few days ago, but only just found it again. I came across it in a local paper, the Tamworth Herald.
Stop Paving Madness

I think it is time the council did something about the colours of the pavement slabs in Sutton.

The situation has been going on for several years now and I believe it is time we put a firm stop to it. It is atrocious that the paving slabs on our streets are all various colours, instead of, say, a uniform grey.

Walking to the shops last week, I noted that the slabs of the pavement on my road were grey, white and terracotta - three different colours on just one street! And, might I add, several of the slabs themselves were cracked, a sure sign of shoddy workmanship.

And to Tessa Miller, who wrote in last week claiming that people who write in pointing out these problems are 'moaners', let me assure you it is people like us 'moaners' who ensure this town is running smoothly.

I wonder if the Tamworth Herald published this in the hope of a campaign to "Keep Our Town Grey" or just to take the piss out of Disgusted of Boldmere. I'm sure this person intends to be community-minded, but the colour of paving stones really doesn't matter compared to other problems that need looking at - when every council house is up to scratch, we can talk about ripping up paving stones. Hell, they could do some voluntary work.

I wonder if the writer has ever complained, though, about high taxes...



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