Shut up, Dave.

Dave Cameron is a fraud. There is only one authentic Dave C in politics, and him it is not.

Anyway, he's said something about Muslims needing to integrate. From the Tory website:
Speaking after an opinion poll was published showing that anti-western attitudes are strengthening among young British Muslims, he declared: "We need big changes. Let's take down all the barriers in the way of a stronger society - the barrier of extremism, the barrier of uncontrolled migration, the barrier of a multiculturalist approach that's failed, and the barriers of poverty and poor education."
The question is why such attitudes are on the rise. I will take no lectures from the Conservatives on poverty and poor education. Multiculturalism is becoming a bit of a weasel word and unless the Tories in general and Mr Cameron in particular say what they mean by it, they and he are guilty of gesture politics at best and pandering to the far right at best. Do they mean "everyone should be one people" or "everyone should be exactly like the people who are here" or "we should see that there are other cultures"?

Uncontrolled migration. I just wish that every time someone talked about this, they'd say that migration and asylum are two very different things.

As to extremism - it's a two way street. I just heard on the Westminster Hour a couple of MPs talking about the speech. Speechifying doesn't do much good; in fact, continually drawing attention to the problem is one of the causes of the problem. Telling people they're different is a good way of making them think they're different.



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